Roanoke Spanish

Cultural Intelligence | Translation | Interpretation



Dr. Stanco’s enthusiasm and passion for teaching made the class fun and it made learning easier. Through her teaching style I was able to learn a lot and understand Spanish easier.
— Student from Massachussetts
Dr. S was very clear and made Spanish easy to understand. She also engaged with the students and made the class fun and exciting.
— Student from Roanoke, VA
You helped me more than you know. I felt so prepared, and that helped me to go into the exam with confidence. I did better than I expected, thanks to you!
— Student from Nebraska
I think that Dr. S is a great teacher. She is really passionate about teaching Spanish. She’s funny and creative and really seems to care about her students.
— Student in Roanoke, VA
Dr. S was a very helpful teacher both conversationally and structurally. She not only helped me gain knowledge around my Spanish level, she has kept alive my confidence and I will to continue to learn Spanish and to not give up. She is not only a great teacher, but she is a great person.
— Student from New York
I did not expect to love my professor so much. I enjoyed Dr. Stanco’s course and look forward to having this professor again in the future.
— Student from Colombia
Dr. S is always extremely peppy and ready to start learning.
— Student from Connecticut
The material was very challenging but Dr. Stanco made it fun and she worked with us if we have problems or concerns.
— Student from Salem, VA
I understand Spanish a lot better... Dr. S really took the time to make sure I grasped the concepts.
— Student from Maryland
I was really nervous to start with this level of Spanish since I hadn’t taken it since senior year of high school and I am currently a college sophomore, but with the way that Dr.S taught, I had no problem refreshing my memory and now I love Spanish more than I ever had.
— Student from Roanoke, VA